How Do Vaporizers Work | Vape Wax Herb Process

So for those of you that are 100% new to vaping this post was created for you. In this post I’ll talk about

  • How Vaporizers Work
  • The Different Parts of a Vape Pen
  • Different Uses for Vaporizers
  • Is Vaping Safe

How Vaporizers Work

E-Cigarette-KR-808A-Unlike traditional cigarettes that that rely on combustion, vaporizers use a heating element to heat up either herbs, wax or oils inside the clearomizer tank causing it to become a vapor and inhaled. Do not confuse and electronic cigarette to a vaporizer pen, they are quite different. The sole purpose of a E-Cig is to provide that same sensation of a traditional cigarette (nicotine) with out the harmful toxins of second hand smoke that traditional cigarettes cause. E-Cig still use heat to create a vapor, with nicotine inside the vapor, so it can be inhaled and exhaled but with out the use of a lighter and less harmful second hand smoke toxins. Vaporizers on the other hand give you the freedom of switching from nicotine based liquids to non-nicotine based liquids. You also have the choice of flavor you wish to smoke and taste. Below I’ve attached a photo of an electronic cigarette that can be found any where at your local gas station and a vape pen, so you can see the difference.

The Different Parts of a Vape Pen

There are many parts inside a vaporizer pen but I’m going to name the parts that for sure you will have to either replace or have to know about to have your vape pen working properly.


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The Clearomizer

The clearomizer is the part located at the top of your vape pen also known as the tank, it also holds the coil which is heated from the battery. The coil is the part that heats up the liquid and turns it into vapor, if for what every reason you vaporizer is charging but does not want to create vapor it is more than likely your coil went out. My opinion its easier just to replace the whole thing, which is the clearomizer tank and coil but if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty it can be a little cheaper to buy the coils and replace them so often. There are a variety of tanks some are clear, some are not, some are used for wax or oil. Below are a few of the tanks you’ll see with a vape pen.



This clearomizer ( or Tank ) comes with the coil and cap. You might notice that this coil comes attached with cotton wicks. This wicks are used to soak up the liquid and draw them into the┬ácoil. Be sure when you re-filling this type of clearomizer you removed the cap completely and tilt it a little. You by no means want to put liquid into the middle of the coil, where the vapor is inhaled up, you can damaged the coil. You can tell if the coil has liquid you’ll hear a slurping sound when you take a hit from you vaporizer.



The pro tank clearomizer is a very durable tank and look nice on any vaporizer kit. The coil is located at the bottom and is very easy to replace simple screw off screw on. This tank is good for any oil or liquid based vaporizing. It’s a pretty large so it can easily last a whole day of vaping.


If you ever come across these types of cleaormizer tanks they are more than likely for wax based vape pens. Tools are needed to add remove and clean this unit. They are fun to smoke and try out.

The Battery

There are a variety of different sized batteries it just depends how long you plan to smoke with out being close to an outlet or how discreet you want to be when pulling out you vape pen for a quick hit. Some vaporizer batteries come with an option to modulate the battery output from a high to lower mAh output. It is a convenience say your out and about and you want to take a few hits but don’t want to run your battery low you can switch it to a lower setting and say you feel like blowing HUGE vape clouds then you’d higher the setting.



The 1300 mAh if you notice is 2nd in line but does have a higher output, it’s also a little wider. The 650 mAh is probably the most discreet pen to have in you pocket and pull out any where but is pretty fun and relaxing to smoke.


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Different Uses for Vaporizers

So there are a variety of different uses for vape pens as you may have noticed and the most popular one is liquid based vaping. You can find liquid every where even at gas stations now. As for herbs waxing and oils you’ll have to either check out your local smoke shop or order online.


A liquid vape pen being smoke. You may notice this vape pen is pretty small but pretty discreet and convention while on the go its a 650 mAh sized vaporizer.


Waxed based vaporizer kit. If your brand new to vaping with waxed based products or just want to learn more then click here.


You can also use vape pens to smoke your herbs. If you have never smoked herb out of a vape pen and want to learn how click here.

Is Vaping Safe

Vaping is 100% safe. The risks of using a vaporizer is way lower than smoking a traditional cigarette. There known to be thousands of chemicals inside a traditional cigarette some that cause cancer like

  • Tar – a mixture of dangerous chemicals
  • Arsenic – used in wood preservatives
  • Benzene – an industrial solvent, refined from crude oil
  • Cadmium – used in batteries
  • Formaldehyde – used in mortuaries and paint manufacturing
  • Polonium-210 – a highly radioactive element
  • Chromium – used to manufacture dye, paints and alloys
  • 1,3-Butadiene – used in rubber manufacturing
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons – a group of dangerous DNA-damaging chemicals
  • Tobacco-specific nitrosamines – a group of carcinogens only found in tobacco
  • Acrolein – used as a chemical weapon in World War 1 – and acetaldehyde – used in the industrial production of acid

When your using a traditional liquid based vaporizer the two main ingredients in the liquid are

Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin

Items that you’ll find at your local super market.

Some other ingredients are added for color and taste but compared to a traditional cigarette like tar vaping is 100% safer.

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