What are Vape Pens and How Do they Work?

Vape pens, sometimes known as vaporizers or ecigs, are gaining popularity among smokers. These devices are being used by people who do not want to smoke, but still want to experience smoking satisfaction.  People are giving up smoking because of the harmful effects associated with it.

With vaping, you can get the joy of smoking without experiencing the side effects of regular smoking – and the e liquids you put in have a variety of flavors too. There are different pen vaporizers on the market – but people prefer the vape pens because it is easy to use and users like the size.

How are Vape Pens Different from Electronic Cigarettes

With the pens, you can add your own blends of herbs, waxes, and oils.  These different products can be vaporized – in the vape pens and the most common among them are essential oils, waxes, e-liquids as well as dry herbs and a few others. If you want substance that produces the best vapor, you can opt for dry herbs and essential oil. There are different types of vape pens on the market and that is because of various producers. Different brands have standard components like charger, lithium battery, and internal parts and so on.


Basically – the electronic cigarette is what tobacco companies invented to keep people hook on something.  They look like old school smokes, you buy them at gas stations ggenerallyunder the band name Vuze or Blu.  The cartridges is pre-filled and disposable – notice…same business model they use to have, buying at the same place the consumer did before – maintaining the habit.  The selection/variety is very limited.  (Here is a nice Gizmoto article with more info too.)

The three types of products on the market include wax burning pens, dry herb pens as well as the etobacco juice pens. Dry herb pens are meant to vaporize only dry herbs like tobacco, marijuana, and other types of herbs you may desire to vaporize. In the same way, wax-burning pens are designed to vaporize KOil, BHO and others. Etobacco vape pens are meant to vaporize etobacco juice, a liquid product.

Vapor pens function like other vaporizers and electronic cigarette.

ce5-ego-cartomizer-eliquid-tank-replacementThey are called pen because they are like fountain pens, you can refill the liquid when it is out. It is the most reliable product for smokers and others who are looking for alternative to cigarette smoking.  When you use a pen it will produce vapor similar to those produced by “normal” cigarettes, the difference between the vapor and those produced by cigarette is that it is not harmful; unlike those produced from cigarette.

What do I need to know to buy a Personal Vaporizer?

You need to pick the size and voltage of battery you want.  The bigger the battery – the longer between charges you can go.  With different voltages – you get different ammounts of the liquid.  Some offer an adjustable voltage regulator – which can give you more at each use.  Consider the design too – the best design is sleek and this makes it more convenient and portable.

What can I smoke in the Vaporizer?

14676112803_abc1be9dcb_kYou can the vape pen to vaporize any substance you want.

  • For dry herb, for instance the device works in a simple way. The pen has a coil, which is also its heating element. Vape pens battery powers the heating element, giving it the heat required to vaporize the dry herb. Vape pens have a chamber where you put the dry herb. There is a metallic cylinder, which holds the herbs firmly on the chamber. You use the mouthpiece of the vape pens to breathe the vapors.
  • If you want to vaporize wax using you vape pens, the process is also not difficult. Just like dry herb vape pens, wax-burning pens also have heating element. The heating element or coil is shaped in a bowl form; this makes room for the loading of the wax directly by the heating element. This means that this one has no container and there is no need for that unlike dry herb vape pens. The coil would burn the wax; you have to allow it to cool before you begin to inhale. You inhale through a mouthpiece designed for it.
  • If you want to use vaporize etobacco juice using your vape pens, it works in the same mechanism. Like other vape pens, this one has a heating element. It has a special area where you load your etobacco into the pen. Through the battery, you heat the element, which in turn heats the wick soaked inside the etobacco juice you want to vaporize. The etobacco is heated and it would start to release nicotine and flavor. Using the mouthpiece provided in the vape pens, you can begin to inhale the vapor.

It is obvious that it is not difficult to use vape pens. The technology is simple. The ease of use is one major reason people like it. From the substances, vaporized, dangerous smokes are not emitted. Smoke emitted does not have any harmful side effect. It is safe for the user.